Consumer Tips


Wearing your eyewear is a must every time you tan. It’s not only a good idea, but it’s also the law. State and federal regulations require that every time you tan, you must wear eyewear that protects against 99% of UVA rays and 99.9% of UVB rays.

Your eyelids, regular sunglasses, towels, or other non-regulation compliant items will not filter out UV rays. It takes a specially formulated lens to protect your delicate eye tissue from UV exposure. Too much exposure can cause permanent damage to your vision, including cornea burns or degeneration, loss of color vision, loss of vision at night, or even cataracts.

We care about your safety, which is why we make absolutely certain that you have federally compliant eyewear each time you tan.

Tanning Lotions

Tanning lotions work best when they are applied right before your tanning sessions. Do not use regular sunscreen or outdoor sun tanning lotion! It can adversely affect your tan and can also damage our tanning equipment. Talk to a Trained Tanning Consultant to decide which indoor lotion will give you the biggest boost toward reaching your tanning goals.


An accelerator is a lotion, which moisturizes and stimulates the production of melanin. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients, which are vital for healthy skin. Accelerators are ideal for the beginning tanner or when a tanner has plateaued and needs to begin the tanning process over again.


Bronzers are lotions, which give the tanner immediate color gratification. Some bronzers have DHA and some have cosmetic bronzers. Bronzers are ideal for a tanner who already has a base tan or for a new tanner with a darker skin tone.

Tingle/ Hot Action

These products stimulate the surface of the skin. This causes blood to rush to the surface and in doing so pushes the melanocytes deep in the skin to the surface exposing more of them to UV light. To test a tingle for intensity the best place is on the inner part of the elbow or during a tanning session on the legs only.


It is extremely important to replenish that moisture with sun tanning lotions both before and after tanning. After a nice hot shower, your pores are open and ready to soak up moisturization. Moisturizers formulated for tanners are rich in nutrients and better suited to the conditions that a tanner is exposed to during a tanning session. Some also contain forms of tyrosine, which will boost the tanners’ ability to tan. Let a Trained Tanning Consultant help you find all the products you’ll need to stay moisturized while you maintain a glowing tan.


Exfoliating is an excellent way to prepare the skin for tanning. Dry skin reflects UV and can prevent the skin from tanning to maximum potential. Exfoliating will scrub away dry skin leaving behind skin that is smooth, moisturized, and ready for color. Exfoliating before a Sunless tanning session makes for an even tan. Ask your Trained Tanning Consultant for an exfoliant that is right for you.


Direct UV light can fade the colors in a tattoo. To keep the colors bright, use tattoo balms with SPF protection. Lip balms with an SPF protection of 30 can also be used to protect a tattoo.  We carry tanning lotions that have tattoo technolgy to enhance and protect the color in your tattoo.

Lip Balm

Lips tend to burn during a UV tanning session due to the fact that lips have no melanin. The circulation of air coming from the tanning bed fans will also cause the lips to dry out resulting in an unpleasant tanning experience. Ask your salon professional for lip balm today.