Tan ‘n Time has 5 levels of tanning equipment to meet each clients individual needs.

All of our tanning units have facials and cool air flow systems to keep you comfortable while you tan. We buy only the best, top quality tanning bulbs available and are changed before they stop producing so you will always get a gorgeous tan.

Super Beds

Super Beds are our entry level units. All of our Super Beds have facials and a cool air flow system. Super Beds are designed to give you a great base tan.

Premium Beds

Premium Beds are our level two units. They have three facial tanners and take your tan to another level. The Premium Bed is designed to give you a more bronzed color.

Stand Up Unit

Stand Up Unit is our third level.  360 degrees of coverage for no tan lines. We recommend you use the Stand Up to even out your tan. It is only 12 minutes and your tan will be even darker.

Ultra Beds

Ultra Beds are our level four units. They have four facials tanners and tanning results are a deeper, darker, more bronzed color. This bed is for the more experienced tanners.


Matrix- The Ultimate High Pressure Tanning Experience! This cutting edge bed allows one to achieve a level of tanning never before possible. Surrounded by the sun, almost suspended in mid-air, your tanning experience will be luxurious and satisfying. In 12 minutes or less, you will achieve a deep, dark tan unequaled by anything in the tanning world.